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Special Bolt tells: What is the application knowledge of bolts?

How much do you know about the application knowledge of bolts? Follow the editor of Special Bolt to have a simple understanding!
A kind of part is used in many construction sites. Its name is bolt. In fact, there are many other names for bolts. The name of each region may be different. In some places, it is called screw, and there are others. Some people call it a bolt, and some people even call it a fastener. Although there are so many names, the actual meaning is the same. Bolts are a general term for fasteners that we usually call. Bolts can use the circular rotation on the object, which is related to friction. Some concepts of mathematics and physics are a tool to gradually fix objects on machinery.

Generally speaking, at the countersunk head of the bolt, it is required that there is no protrusion on the smooth surface after the connection, because the countersunk head of the bolt can be screwed into the part, and the round head can even be introduced inside, using the square head The tightening force of the bolts needs to be larger, but the size is very large. In addition, in order to be able to lock after installation, generally the head will contain holes, and even some rods also have these holes, which can prevent the bolts from falling off when they are subjected to severe vibrations. Some bolt surfaces There is no thread, but this kind of rod is relatively thin, and the range of use of such bolts is not as wide as other, but it can be beneficial to the coupling effect of variable forces.
The large machinery on the steel structure has specially manufactured high-strength bolts. The heads of such bolts are relatively larger, and the size also has obvious changes. In addition to these, there are some special purpose bolts, such as T-slot bolts. Most of these bolts are used on machine tool fixtures. They have a special shape, and both sides of the head must be cut off. In addition, anchor bolts can be used to connect large machinery to the ground, and the fixing contains a lot of shapes.
The above is Special Bolt editor introducing the application knowledge of bolts.