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Special Bolt tells: the maintenance knowledge of bolts!

High-strength bolts are a kind of rigidity connection fasteners and important parts of machinery, so they need regular maintenance. Only if the maintenance is done well, can the performance and effect of the fastener be guaranteed. But the maintenance of fasteners also need to pay attention to some matters, follow the Special Bolt editor to learn about it!
1. Pollution during rinsing
Fasteners need to be cleaned with silicate cleaner after quenching, and then rinsed, so be very careful when rinsing to avoid residues.
2. Unreasonable accumulation of fasteners
After tempering, the fasteners will show traces of discoloration, and there will be oily residues after soaking in ether, indicating that the appearance of the fasteners is not clean. The analysis shows that the fasteners accumulate unreasonably when heated, which causes the fasteners to show subtle oxidation in the quenching oil.
3. Surface residues
There is a white residue on the high-strength bolts, which was analyzed with an instrument and confirmed to be phosphide. This reaction occurred because the acid cleaner was not cleaned, and the rinse tank was not thoroughly inspected.
Fourth, alkali burns
High-strength bolts are blackened by quenching heat and have a uniform and flat oil-black appearance. It is caused by alkali burn through detection. Therefore, the surface alkalis cannot be removed in the quenching oil of steel fasteners, which will cause the appearance of burns at high temperatures and aggravate the damage during tempering. It is recommended to thoroughly clean and rinse fasteners before heat treatment to thoroughly remove the alkaline residues that cause fasteners to burn.
The above is the introduction of Special Bolt editor: Precautions for the maintenance of bolts.