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Introduction of Big Round Head Screw: How to deal with the rusty screw that cannot be removed normally?

Do you know what to do if the screw is rusty and cannot be removed normally? Let's follow the editor of Big Round Head Screw to have a simple understanding!
1. Shock
First, vigorously shake the rusty screw, do not use a wrench to force it. The rusted screws can't be screwed out even if you screw them hard, because the product materials and screws have rusted inside and are very strong. If the screw is forcibly screwed, it may cause the screw to slip or damage the cross groove. If it is an inner hexagon, it may cause damage to the inner hexagon. If we shake it first, we can shake off some of the rust first. The rust on the key parts is shaken off, and the screw will not be so laborious.

2. Knock
Knock the corroded stainless steel nut with the edge of a square top hammer to easily loosen the nut. For example, the nuts of the fixing bolts at both ends of the pedal of a bicycle can be used to grasp the force of striking the nut according to the thickness of the pedal and the metal structure. The nut on the cast iron can be slightly stronger, and the nut on the plastic should be tapped lightly. If it still doesn't work, use a hammer to beat the nut in a circular motion.
3. Punch
The top of the stainless steel screw of some devices is corroded and out of shape, and cannot be removed with a wrench or wire cutter, and the impact method can be used. First use a hammer and a flat screwdriver to hit a v-shaped groove in the vertical direction of the top of the screw. Then, adjust the angle of the punching cone and impact in the direction where the screw is screwed out. After loosening, you can use wire cutters to unscrew the screw. When the "one" or "cross" screw is slippery, this method can also be used, combined with wire cutters to unscrew the screw.
4. Welding
It is not uncommon to unscrew the screws when disassembling the device. For the screws with broken tops, electric drills are generally not used, because the thread holes will be broken if you are not careful. The better way is to weld a long iron block on the broken wire by electric welding. The cross section of the iron block is confirmed by the diameter of the stainless steel screw.
The above is what the editor of Big Round Head Screw tells: how to deal with the rusty screw that cannot be removed normally.