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HDG Slotted Head Screw introduces the inspection knowledge of screws

The screw refers to the screw, which is a tool that uses the physics and mathematics principles of the oblique circular rotation of the object and the friction force to gradually tighten the utensils. So how much do you know about screw inspection knowledge? Follow the editor of HDG Slotted Head Screw to have a simple understanding!
Purchasing and sales know that the quality of screws is manufactured, not tested, but in manufacturing, we must do our best to make them with good quality. But it is impossible to be completely error-free and error-free. Everyone knows that errors are impossible to avoid and can only be approached infinitely. Therefore, at this time, the quality of the screw is required to improve the quality of the screw.
From the beginning of ordering from the screw wire material into the production screw industry manufacturers, they must first check the wire diameter of the screw wire and the material of the screw. Generally, the wire diameter of the screw is measured with a caliper, whether it is self-ordered The size is the same. After inspecting these, it is the inspection in the production process. Starting from screwing the head, determine the size of the head, the opposite side of the head, the diagonal, the depth of the cross groove, the screw tolerance range and so on. These are all tested with calipers. In all aspects of testing when the thread is rubbing, the main thing is whether the thread can pass the pass and stop gauge, and the screw thread can pass the pass and stop the gauge. This is the problem of electroplating measurement. After electroplating, does it meet environmental protection requirements? Can it pass the time required by salt spray?
The above is the description of HDG Slotted Head Screw: a brief introduction to the detection knowledge of screws.