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Customized Hex Bolt With Hole introduces the reason for the thread damage of the hexagon bolt

In the manufacture of various hexagonal bolts, thread damage or rotten teeth are often encountered. Once the thread is damaged, the entire bolt may be scrapped, which is a great loss to the manufacturer. So what are the reasons for the thread damage? Today, the editor of customized Hex Bolt With Hole will take you a brief look.
1. The silk thread is not selected. When choosing a tap, it is very particular. It should be selected in consideration of factors such as thread specification, aperture size, material used, hole type, precision tolerance and other factors.

2. In the process of tapping, the tapping speed is too high and the quality of the coolant is not good, causing problems in the bolts during production. Pay attention to controlling the speed of the equipment in daily life to ensure the quality of the coolant.
3. After the tapping is completed, there are burrs during the internal turning of the thread, which is mainly caused by the failure of the cone.
4. In the process of tapping, there are remaining thread fragments and residues that have not been removed during cleaning.
5. Because the rotation is unstable during the process of tapping and tapping, you mainly use automated equipment for tapping during naturalization. If the tapping procedure is not adjusted properly, it will cause rotation instability.
6. Cone wear causes inaccurate grinding data.
7. Excessive axial pressure.
The above is the editor of the customized Hex Bolt With Hole: a brief introduction to the reason for the thread damage of the hexagonal bolt.