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Low price Welded Clamp Nut introduces the proper operation of weld nuts

Do you know what is the correct way to operate a weld nut? Let's follow the Low price Welded Clamp Nut editor for a brief understanding of it!
1. The scope of use of the nut is generally a thin plate welded at about 6mm, which can avoid large deformation during welding, and at the same time can have a more beautiful weld after welding.
2. Direct current should be used during welding, and the negative electrode should be connected to one end of the welding wire.
3. Oil stains, rust and other dirt on the welding part should be removed before welding to avoid welding pores.
4. Argon with a purity of 99.99% should be used as the protective gas, and when the current is between 50-150A, the argon flow should reach 8-10 liters per minute, and when the current is between 150-250A, the argon Air flow should reach 12-15 liters per minute.

5. During the welding process, the ventilation of the working environment should be maintained, and the ventilation should be paid attention to indoors.
6. During the welding work, the angle between the welding part and the center line of the tungsten electrode should be kept between 80-85°. The advantage of this is to better protect the welding pool.
7. The angle between the filler wire and the welding surface should be kept within 10°.
8. The length of the tungsten electrode protruding from the gas nozzle is about 5mm, and the length at the corners or other exposed places is controlled to be about 2-3mm, and the length in the deep part should be longer, about 6mm.
The above is what Low price Welded Clamp Nut tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the correct operation method of welding nuts.