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Cheapest SS M6 L Bolt Wholesale Price Tells Bolt

Do you know all the little knowledge about bolts? Today, the Cheapest SS M6 L Bolt Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief look.

A new type of bolt comprises an arched connecting rod and a plurality of screws connected with the connecting rod; the plurality of screws are arranged at equal intervals along the axial direction of the connecting rod; A screw part, and a screw head connected with one end of the screw part; the connecting rod is formed with a through hole through which the other end of the screw part passes, and the inner wall of the connecting rod is connected with a nut whose position corresponds to the through hole; the nut and the screw The bolts also include a conduction mechanism that makes each screw rotate at the same time. The utility model can be easily taken out from the hole, can be reused next time, is no longer a one-time use, can be used repeatedly, and saves resources.
The above is the editor of Cheapest SS M6 L Bolt Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the little knowledge about bolts.