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SS M6 L Bolt supplier china talks about the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing bolts

Do you know what problems you need to pay attention to when installing bolts? SS M6 L Bolt supplier china Xiaobian will take you to a brief understanding.
1. For the bolted connection of dynamic load or important parts, the spring washer should be placed according to the design requirements, and the spring washer needs to be set on one side of the nut.
2. The installation of high-strength bolts should be able to freely penetrate the holes, and it is strictly forbidden to force them into the holes. The hole diameter of the high-strength bolted steel plate is slightly larger than that of the bolt and needs to be drilled.
3. The conventional connection forms of high-strength bolts are usually divided into friction connection, tension connection and pressure connection, among which friction connection is widely used.

4. The installation sequence of high-strength bolts should be from high-rigidity parts to free free ends. For high-strength bolts on joints, the initial tightening, retightening and tightening should extend from the middle of the bolt group to the four sides, and each screw should be marked with a different color paint to prevent missed tightening. The first tightening, retightening and tightening of high-strength bolts in the same joint should be completed within 24 hours. If there is no specified design, it shall be carried out according to the sequence of construction process for tightening high-strength bolts before welding (ie, bolts before welding).
The above is the editor of SS M6 L Bolt supplier china: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the issues that need to be paid attention to when installing bolts.