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Basics of Customized Hooks

Customized Hook, the upper and lower ends of the base of the Customized Hook are provided with through holes, the user can use wall studs to pass through the through holes to fix the Customized Hook of the present utility model on the wall, and a Customized Hook structure is arranged below the upper through holes , used for hanging bags and clothes, etc. There is a circular truncated bulge under the Customized Hook structure, a slot in the middle of the bulge, and a key-shaped insert to match it, one end of the insert is provided with a key ring, the user can put The key is hung on the key ring, and when you go home, you can directly insert the key-shaped insert into the slot on the protrusion, which is very convenient, and the whole Customized Hook is like a door lock. It is very interesting, and its beneficial effect is that the design is simple and reliable. Durable and practical.

In summary, this is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about Customized Hook.