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How much do you know about Customized Hook

The Customized Hook includes an externally protruding bottom plate, the bottom plate is provided with several small flat plates along the outer periphery, the bottom of the small flat plate is provided with a suction cup, and the bottom plate is provided with a Customized Hook socket, a weight indicator and a screw socket; the Customized Hook socket is located on the bottom plate In the middle and lower part of the bottom plate, a connected weight display module and a spring balance are arranged in the bottom plate, and a Customized Hook inserted from the Customized Hook socket is arranged under the spring balance, and the weight display module is connected with the weight display; the Customized Hook provided by the utility model can be fixed with a suction cup , It can also be fixed with screws to increase the firmness, and at the same time, a weighing device is added, which can easily weigh the weight of the hanging items.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about Customized Hook.