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Muffler Clamp supplier introduces the knowledge of mufflers

How much do you know about silencers? Today, the editor of Muffler Clamp supplier will take you to a brief understanding.

The muffler comprises a long cylinder and a plurality of sound-absorbing baffle frames arranged in the long cylinder, the cross section of the long cylinder is a rectangle, the four side walls of the long cylinder are all composed of a muffler plate, and the sound-absorbing baffle frame is composed of A plurality of two muffler panels are spliced together. One muffler panel is composed of galvanized panel layers, damping and sound insulation layers, shock absorption and sound insulation layers, a galvanized orifice plate layer, and a heat insulation fiber cloth layer, which are sequentially stacked from the outside of the cylinder to the inside of the cylinder. , shock absorption and sound absorption layer, two heat insulation fiber cloth layers and two galvanized orifice plate layers. The new type one and two mufflers have good noise reduction and noise reduction ability for low, medium and high frequency noise, and at the same time, the heat insulation, insulation and high temperature resistance performance are better, so the muffler composed of them is obviously better than Traditional mufflers can be used in different scenarios and have good market prospects.
The above is the editor of Muffler Clamp supplier: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of mufflers.