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For Automotive Low price Muffler Clamp

It is used for low price Muffler Clamp for automobiles. There is a T-shaped groove on the lower end face of the top block. The upper clamping block is slidably installed under the top block through the cooperation of the T-shaped block and the T-shaped groove. A locking bolt is partly provided, the T-shaped block is fixed in the T-shaped groove by the locking bolt, the lifting plate is slidably connected with the guide rail through the groove, the lower clamping block is detachably installed on the lifting plate through the bolt, and the upper clamping block There is an arc-shaped clamping groove on the end face on the opposite side of the lower clamping block, a telescopic rod is vertically fixed on the left and right sides of the lower end face of the lifting plate, and the lower end of the telescopic rod is fixed with the base, and each telescopic rod A spring is set on the upper part, an L-shaped pedal is fixed in the middle of the lifting plate, and the horizontal part of the L-shaped pedal extends out of the lifting plate. A limit block is threaded on the lead screw.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the Low price Muffler Clamp for automobiles.