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Low price Muffler Clamp Tells About Muffler Clamps

How much do you know about muffler clamps? Today, the editor of Low price Muffler Clamp will take you to a simple understanding.
The muffler clamping device comprises a base on which a screw sleeve seat is fixedly arranged, two ends of the screw sleeve seat are provided with guide cylinders, the screw sleeve base is provided with an internal thread hole, and the guide cylinder is provided with Light hole. There is a matching lead screw in the threaded hole. The left end of the lead screw is provided with a ball joint. The top plate is hinged on the spherical joint. The top plate is used to tighten the muffler. Rotating at any angle, it can not only top the flat surface, but also the inclined surface, and has a wide range of applications. There is a square head on the right end of the screw rod, and the square head is rotated with an open-end wrench, so that the screw rod 4 can move forward or backward axially, and the top is tight The muffler. The utility model effectively solves the problem of troublesome positioning of the muffler in the process of processing, improves the processing precision, ensures the processing quality, and can be widely used as an auxiliary tool in the processing of the muffler.

The above is the low price Muffler Clamp editor: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the muffler clamping device.