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Special Alumium Part Wholesale Price

How much do you know about aluminum parts? The Special Alumium Part Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief look.

Special Alumium Part Wholesale Price
The wear-resistant ventilation aluminum piece has a structure including a ventilation pipe, a through hole, an installation inner pipe, a sealing ring and a reinforcement mechanism. In the utility model, the reinforcement mechanism is arranged at the front and rear ends of the outer side of the ventilation pipe, and the sleeve is driven by the wear-resistant ring. and the card block enter the connection slot and the inside of the card slot, and the micro spring is compressed by force. When the card block enters the card slot, the card block is inserted into the card slot by the elastic force of the micro spring for fixing, and then the device is installed in the card slot. At the designated position of the ventilation device, the wear-resistant ring has strong wear resistance to protect the ventilation pipe from wear and tear, and prevent the ventilation pipe from being damaged due to friction or vibration.
The above is the description of Special Alumium Part Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge of aluminum parts.